Set the hook faster!

kesäkuu 12, 2014

For many of us, the best rod holder solution is one that holds and protects your gear, but isn't in the way when its time to set the hook. We have been developing this product for years and we are excited to finally be launching it! We think its the best solution on the market because your rod handle snaps into place. The dual elastomer cam is strong, but flexible. It supports your gear from damage and keeps it secure. 

The only way out is up. 

Just pull straight up to release the grip of the flexible cam, and your setting the hook!

No more locking collars, complicated mechanisms or fancy motions required. Its beauty is its simplicity. 

Were a start-up business. We do this because were passionate about fishing. We stand behind our products and are focused on delivering the best possible product and experience. 

If for any reason you don't love your Stealth Rod Holder, we will make it right. No matter what.