Customer Review - John Barnett, Tidewater Virginia

oktober 22, 2015

Jason I wanted to say thanks for your support of the 2015 TKAA Fishing tournament.


I was lucky enough to receive one of your donated mounts, and after using it one time I knew I would have to purchase another one which I received today. These are very high-end, well built rod holders. For those that demand the best things in life this is the rod holder for them.

Being made in the USA by a family business not a huge corporation makes me love them even more.


For those that fish for the big 30+ pound Blue Catfish this holder is the weapon that will give them the upper hand over fisherman around them.


I fished Monday the 19th of October in Hopewell Virginia on the James River for medium 6 to 10 pound blue catfish. The bite was on.

I was expecting to have more success with the stealth holder, but I was stunned by how much better it outperformed my old holders. Grab, pull and set the hook all in one move.  The fish didn’t even know I there until the hook was set. While all 3 rods were getting the same amount of bites I had doubled the hookups on the rod that was in the Stealth. (What I now call ‘Stealth Mode’) It didn't matter which rod was in the stealth holder when the fish picked up my bait I had twice the changes of a hookup.

I recommend this holder for all types of fishing.  Kayak fishing as well as all other types of boats. If folks use this holder they too will be blown away by the success they will have.

 I went fishing at the HRBT Tuesday night. I was trolling for strippers in my kayak. The Stealth allowed me to snatch the rod out of the holder, and immediately start fighting the fish. It kept the fish from having time to get into the bridge pilings and breaking me off.

 I stand behind everything I say here. Your holder is the best holder for the types of fishing I do. I have others that I can remove the rod from without having to turn anything on the holder but none are as easy to use without sending any noises or vibrations down the line.


John Barnett, Tidewater Virginia (aka Popslikestofish)