Problem Solved.

april 07, 2015

8 years ago, I was in charge of design innovation for a leading marine manufacturer.  During that time, we developed and brought to market a new fishing rod holder that has since become one of the market leaders.  It's a great product, but it doesn't successfully address the key frustration that everyone has with rod holders. They are in the way when it's time to set the hook. 

We have seen countless designs enter the marketplace with pivoting barrels, spring loaded releases and many other complexities. But, few actually do what we want them to; which is to hold the fishing rod securely, but magically let go when we take over. 

Finally, we developed a simple mechanism that solves the problem, and it does it without damaging the rod or adding unnecessary complexity. 

The Stealth Rod Holder looks familiar, but the key difference is the Elastomeric Dual Cam.  It's a simple flexible strap that connects 2 pivoting cams. When you push the rod handle down into the strap, the cams flex down and snap into place, gripping the rod handle. 

The only way out is to pull up. The exact motion that sets the hook on the fish. 

The Dual Cam is UV stable. Its made from the same materials as O-rings and gaskets that you find in automotive engines. It wont dry rot or deteriorate. Plus, it can endure temperatures from -50F to +140F.   All other parts are constructed of engineering grade Nylon. so its truly a product thats built to last. 

We hope you will give our product a try.  It's brought a smile to the face of everyone who has helped us test it and we hope it helps you catch more fish too.